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Identifying the Key Challenges for New Opportunities

We teamed up with our client, Phu Mai, to create a strategy that would help him attract new clients online. To achieve this, we designed a custom landing page that matched his brand and style preferences, and showcased his real estate services and listings in a more effective way. In this case study, we'll walk you through the project's details, including Phu's background, the challenges we faced, our approach to the project, and the outstanding results we achieved.


Our client approached us to design a landing page and service page for their real estate agency. They needed a website that could capture leads and convert visitors into potential customers. Our objective was to create a clean and modern design that would showcase their services and expertise while also providing an easy way for visitors to contact them. We aimed to make the website user-friendly and visually appealing, with a focus on increasing engagement and driving conversions.


For this project, our approach involved collaborating closely with KW Reality to understand their goals and target audience. We conducted thorough research and analysis of their industry and competitors to create a unique and effective design. We prioritized user experience, ensuring that the landing page and service page were easy to navigate and provided all necessary information. Our team used best practices for search engine optimization to ensure the pages were easily discoverable online. We also incorporated a contact form to capture leads and integrated it with KW Reality's existing CRM system for seamless lead management. Overall, our approach was focused on creating a high-performing and effective landing page to generate and capture leads for KW Reality.

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